Frequently Asked Questions

Q - If I am buying a hybrid disc, can I play the audio in a normal CD Player ?


A - Yes !  We are selling normal audio discs, with extra multimedia content on as well, to make them better value for money.  You can play the audio section on a normal CD Player.




Q - Is there any loss of quality to the CD Audio section of the disc, caused by the presence of the multimedia content ?


A - The album is full CD quality. There is no loss of quality.




Q - How is a hybrid disc manufactured ?


A - The CD audio is included on the disc, then there is a session gap, and data (the multimedia section) is written to the disc.  A CD is capable of holding both music and data (like a CDR) so all we are doing is including both.  If you put the CD in your CD Player it will play the audio.  If you then put the CD in you computer, it will play the multimedia.




Q -  What specifications does my computer need to play the multimedia section ?


A -  (PC) Win XP on a Pentium III with 256MB RAM 

      (MAC) Power Mac G3 running OSX with 256MB RAM




Q - How much technical knowledge do I need to use the multimedia section ?


A - Not very much !  When you place the CD in your computer, it will usually open automatically.  The CD does not require you to install any files onto your computer.   The CD uses the programs already on the standard operating system.  The contents of the multimedia section are arranged like a DVD menu system, and are easy to navigate.


If the CD doesn’t open automatically - Open Windows Explorer and select your CD-ROM drive (for example D:) then click on the file OPEN.EXE


If you are a MAC user, follow a similar procedure and then open the OPEN file for OSX or OS9 depending on your operating system.




Q - I would like to buy online, how do I do this and is your site secure ?


A - Our Secure Online Ordering is handled by Paypal.  You do NOT need to be a member of Paypal to order through our website !




Q - Do you ship abroad and how much does shipping cost ?


A - Shipping costs a fixed rate of £2 per CD ordered to anywhere in the world.  If we ship all items in specialty CD Mailers.  We ship all foreign orders by Airmail.




Q - How long does it take from ordering to delivery ?


A - We aim to dispatch your order within 7 working days of receiving payment.  There can be a delay if the item is being re-pressed, especially during the summer months and festive seasons due to holidays.  We tend to try and notify customers if this is the case.  The length of time it then takes to be delivered tends to be determined by the postal service, but we try our best to make delivery ask quick as possible.



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